Child & Family Research Network

CFRN Fellows

Our fellowship program mentors scholars in career development, grantsmanship, and building interdisciplinary teams.

Each year, fellows are selected around a theme or context. Email us to apply.


Parent-child communication in early childhood: From Observation to Intervention!

  • Heather Coleman, Assistant Professor in the Specialized Education Services Department

Dr. Coleman’s research focuses on young children with autism, and she is particularly interested in communication interventions, parent coaching, and personnel preparation.

  • Margaret “Megan” Fields-Olivieri, Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department, 

Dr. Fields-Oliveiri researches parent-toddler emotional and verbal communication processes, especially in the context of socioeconomic or psychosocial risk, and how these processes impact early emotional and language development.


Resilience in Minoritized Children and Families

  • Bridget Cheeks, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Cheeks’s research focuses on parental racial socialization and its implications for African American adolescents’ and college students’ positive development

At the heart of Dr. Martin Romero’s research lies the objective to understand agency and resilience in the context of health disparities among racial-ethnic minoritized youth and families living in poor/low-income settings.

  • Kierra Sattler, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Sattler’s research focuses on childhood exposures to poverty or maltreatment as sources of risk, with the aim of advancing scientific knowledge and informing interventions that promote the well-being of children from high-risk families.