UNC Greensboro

Kierra Sattler

My research focuses on risk and resilience among children and families that live in poverty or are involved in child protective services.

Laurie Wideman

Development of cardiometabolic risk across the lifespan

Karen M. La Paro

My area of research is teacher preparation, professional development and high quality early education settings.

Heather Coleman

Dr. Coleman’s research focuses on young children with autism. She is interested in communication interventions, parent coaching, and personnel preparation.

Margaret Fields-Olivieri

Parent-toddler emotional and verbal communication, especially in the context of risk; Early emotional and language development; Child effects on parenting

Jasmine DeJesus

children’s social attitudes, their reasoning about social and cultural groups, food preferences and eating behavior, and early health concepts.

Esther Leerkes

origins and outcomes of parenting, particularly in response to child negative emotions; emotional development in the family; inter generational transmission of parenting